This is writing

Would you read if I wrote?

Hey, Kris here (Who else is going to be posting something on a website named Kris Adams TV, right?) I have a quick question for you. It literally won’t take more than a minute, providing you are a speed reader.


A New Year. A fighting spirit.

Welcome to 2013. I trust 2012 was a magical time for you. I also trust, that you found love, money, happiness, a six-pack, contentment and a new lease for life. If, however, you did not find these things, how about we make 2013 the year that you do? Just ask …

P52W12 Stereotypes (KrisAdamsTV)

P52W12 Stereotypes

P52W12 Stereotypes. I run through a list of common South African Stereotypes. Tell you which are true. It’s educational AND fun!