Why Gotham will fall without Batman

Gotham will premiere on Fox on September 22, 2014. If you haven’t heard, Gotham is an upcoming TV Series created by Bruno Heller. It is set in the DC Universe, focusing on the fictional city of Gotham (best known as the home of the Batman). It centers around Detective Jim Gordon (later to become Commissioner Gordon) and his, slightly dirty, partner Harvey Bullock. We pick up the action as soon as Bruce Wayne (aged 12) loses his parents, Thomas and Martha, due to the unfortunate (or fortunate if you like the fact that it led to the creation of the Batman) double-murder which happened in one of the dangerous alleys of the Gotham streets.

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Hey, Kris here (Who else is going to be posting something on a website named Kris Adams TV, right?) I have a quick question for you. It literally won’t take more than a minute, providing you are a speed reader.